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Herpes Purge Kit

Herpes Purge Kit

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The word "cure" can only be used for chemicals that eradicate.

The tinctures activates "apoptosis" in your body so the body naturally destroys herpes, not a chemical.

Herpes arrests apoptosis so it can spread. The tinctures release apoptosis from prison.

Think of apoptosis like The Avengers. Herpes has The Avengers in jail so it can run around like a villain. The tinctures release The Avengers to fight and clean up.

Apoptosis is our body's natural programmed cellular clean-up. Toxins, viruses, disease, and genetics constrain (arrest) apoptosis.

According to The National Library Of Medicine Herpes is an intracellular parasites that constrains apoptosis to spread to the rest of the cells. The compounds in the tinctures have been scientifically proven to destroy the HSV cells by activating apoptosis.


Soursop, Chaga & Ganoderma (Reishi) contains the natural compounds, that activates apoptosis to kill abnormal cell and tumor growth.


Apoptosis is a natural process where cells self-destruct in an organized way. It's like a cellular cleanup, getting rid of old or damaged cells to maintain a healthy balance in the body. During apoptosis, cells undergo specific changes, ensuring their orderly dismantling without causing harm to nearby cells. This process is vital for normal development, immune responses, and keeping our body in good shape.


Each kit comes with three 4oz bottles of Chaga & Gano or Soursop Leaf tinctures dual extracted (select one).  Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
3 year shelf life. No refrigeration required. 

We recommend 90 days (3 bottles) of herbal treatment to properly build up the Immune System to help fight off dis-ease. We also recommend creating a fresh new environment by detoxing your gut.


IMPORTANT: We cannot and will not guarantee a "cure.” As with any herbal protocol, the results from using this product will vary from person to person based on usage. Consistent herbal usage along with following a proper diet has shown the best results. Do not over use for faster results. Consistency is key and patience is a virtue. 


DEFENSE: Science has proven that these compounds may also stop the entry of herpes. After healing, these tinctures can be used for defense from entry of HSV 2-3 times per week.

It is very important while taking the tinctures to avoid certain foods that contain Arginine
 which exacerbate the Herpes Virus, such as: peanuts, chocolate, soy, sunflower seeds, etc. Also avoid alcohol and sugar. Herpes thrives in an acidic environment so making the body more alkaline is very helpful. It is important to eat foods that are rich in Lysine, such as bananas, peaches, avocados, figs, fish and beans. Please follow our Herpes (HSV 1&2) Menu ebook with 100 meals high in lysine. Also avoid consuming alcohol during the 90 days. If you find yourself consuming the restricted foods or alcohol, it is highly advised to detox it right back out with our detox drinks.

Feel free to also book a 30 min Consultation that will  help you gain valuable insights and practical tools to help you make informed decisions about your health. Our mission at Charlie’s Path is Education first before execution. 






***CAUTION: Chaga mushrooms are not recommended for kidney failure due to their high oxalate content, which can lead to kidney stone formation and potential interactions with medications taken by those with kidney issues.

***CAUTION: Ganoderma should not be taken with blood thinners because it can potentially enhance the blood-thinning effects. This could increase the risk of excessive bleeding or other adverse effects for individuals on blood-thinning medications. It's essential to consult with a healthcare professional before combining Ganoderma with blood thinners to ensure safe and appropriate usage.

Fun Facts: Chaga helps decalcify the pineal gland, which becomes calcified by fluoride. Chaga and Gano are both rich in melanin, which helps reverse grey hairs.

Fun Facts: Soursop help insomnia 



Tinctures Directions for Use: Take 2ml Twice Daily. Best taking first dosage on an empty stomach in the morning. 


5 Days Gut Cleanse Direction: Before starting the tinctures, Drink one(1) ready to drink bottle of detox drink or 12oz every night (for 5 nights- Take a break on weekends) after last meal or before bed. Drink 8oz of water soon as you awake in the morning to activate the ingredients. Our body fast while sleeping, so when you wake up, our special formulas is ready to gently remove all the toxins gathered while sleeping. You will experience a smooth, gentle bowel movement. No Diarrhea, No Stomach Cramping! (Packaging may vary) Must Refrigerate. 

All you need is one (1) convenient 1oz packet of Dose every morning. Dose is like a superhero formula with, 70 Vitamins & Minerals. Dose is a liquid vitamins with a 98% absorption, compared to pills 30% absorption. Minerals help activate vitamins and ensure they function effectively. No refrigeration needed. 

Spice up your day with one (1) Gingershot every morning to help Boost the immune system, Rid Joint Pain, Cramps, and keeps inflammation away. Provides energy and stamina. Relieve anxiety and stress. Fights off yeast, bacteria, viruses and infections. Must refrigerate. 

Meal Plan: Select meals from our 100 meal plans ebook. Feel free to mix & match meals contained in the ebook. You will receive an automatic download link for this ebook.  ATTENTION: BE SURE TO PROVIDE AN EMAIL IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THIS EBOOK AS AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD.


DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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