What does the detox drink taste like?

It's almost tasteless and taste like water. 


Will the detox drink make my stomach cramp?

No, it's very gentle and will not make your stomach cramp.


Will the detox drink have me going to the bathroom often?

We recommend drinking the detox drink at the end of your day instead of the start of your day. Drinking the detox at the end of your day will result in using the bathroom only once in the morning when you wake up. 


What are the ingredients in the detox drink?

The detox drink is made with spring water, fiber, senna, chamomile and papaya.


Can kids drink the detox?

Our detox drink is kid friendly, it's gentle enough for kids. We recommend giving kids the amount of ounce as their age (ex. 5yr olds drink 5 fl oz).


How often do I need to detox?

The decision to detox is up to you. How long you should detox is also up to you and dependent on how much toxins you are trying to remove. Only you know the lifestyle you live and how much toxins need to be removed. 


Do I have to change my diet while detoxing?

Our detox is designed to remove what ever you're eating, drinking, smoking or breathing. Therefore, making it perfect for any diet lifestyle. 


How many bottles of detox should I drink per day?

We recommend drinking only 12 fl ounces (1 bottle) per day.


Will detoxing help with my blood pressure, blood sugar and/or cholesterol? 

Our detox drink supports blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.


Will the detox drink help me lose weight?

The detox drink will help remove 1-2 lbs of waste per bottle. 


Do you offer any supplements to replenish nutrients?

Yes, we offer Life Shots made with organic Ginger root, Lemon Peels and Cucumbers. As well as, Vale30 Liquid vitamins made with high quality ingredients, including vitamins A,C,D, E, and K, as well as essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc.